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Posted on 28-06-2023

On 5 April 2022, the Commission presented a proposal for a regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases that would repeal Regulation (EU) No 517/2014. The proposal is amongst the last from the 'fit for 55' package, aiming to align EU climate and energy laws with the EU Climate Law's 2030 target. The proposal aims to further reduce emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). It would change the existing quota system, gradually reducing the supply of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) to the EU market ...

Russia's war on Ukraine has laid bare the challenges that the European defence industry faces as it tries to meet increased demand and ramp up production in the wake of a fundamentally changed security environment in Europe. The European defence industry comprises a number of large multinational companies, mid-caps and over 2 000 small and medium-sized enterprises. It faces a multitude of challenges, such as decades of under-investment, fragmentation, lack of supply of critical raw materials and ...

Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will meet in Vilnius on 11-12 July against the backdrop of a complex and volatile security environment. Russia’s war on Ukraine, and the latter country’s future membership of the military alliance will dominate the annual summit, according to many public statements. The meeting will aim to send a strong signal of support for Ukraine, reiterating NATO’s open door policy towards the country's membership, increasing military aid, pledging to make ...

As part of the 'fit for 55' package, the Commission proposed a revision to the EU's emissions trading system (ETS) as regards carbon dioxide emissions from aviation. The proposal sought to ensure that the sector contributes to the EU's climate targets through increased auctioning of allowances, with an end to free allowances from 2027, and by applying the linear reduction of aviation allowances. The proposal would also integrate, into the revised ETS, the International Civil Aviation Organization's ...

Russia's military aggression against Ukraine has brought war back to Europe, altering the security equilibrium. The war has placed Ukraine at the centre of the European Council's agenda and debates. The European Council President is in regular contact with the Ukrainian leadership, multiplying visits to Ukraine and references to the war in his speeches delivered abroad. This has also been the approach of the other two key actors in the EU's external representation: the European Commission President ...

Upcoming events

A close up shot of a young green plant growing in potting soil with a green blurry background. Some images around this plant depict a thermometer, a raindrop, the sun, and a chemical formula
Hearings AGRI

Members of the AGRI Committee will participate in the public hearing regarding the vital matter for agriculture, the energy efficiency on farms.

People walking in a road in the countryside of Uganda
Hearings DEVE

The Committee on Development, in association with the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly will hold a public hearing on 28 June to discuss the ‘Debt crisis and relief in developing countries’, moderated by Udo Bullmann (S&D, DE) and Charles Goerens (Renew, LU).

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Hearings BUDG

The Committee on Budgets will host a public hearing to discuss the EU financial assistance to Africa and Latin America in the context of the 2021-2027 EU long term budget (multiannual financial framework - MFF).

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